21 Day Tour

21 Day Tour

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7 Day Tour

The Mauritania Connection
, our longest and most adventurous tour.

This journey starts in Algeciras and brings us to Mauritania and back in 21 days.

Join us on this epic journey if you’re in for something out of the ordinary. Total distance is round 7000 km, we visit the 3rd biggest Monolith on earth that rises 633 m above the desert floor, drive through the 30 km big Richat Crater also known as "the eye of the desert", observe crocodiles at Matmata, wander through Terjit oasis, overcome endless km’s sand dunes, follow 150km beach north of Nouakchott, swim under overhanging rocks, take a bath in 41 degrees hot spring, and much more outdoor excitement.

Summary information about the Mauritania Tour:

We all drive our own 4x4, camp in nature, arrange our own cooking, spend the night in a hotel if we want to, drive as much as possible off-road, visit spectacular places.

On day 1 we meet in Algeciras buy ferry ticket and cross the Mediterranean sea.

Moroccan customs require some paperwork but we are there to arrange it all for you.

For driving south through Morocco we take 5 to 6 days, time enough to visit interesting sites.

It's 2500 km to the Mauritanian border so there will be some longer days behind the steering wheel.

Diesel price in Morocco is 0.90 euro. Best stick to the speed limits cause also in Morocco police use radar.

Entering Mauritania requires a visa, this is available at the border and cost 55 euro, car registration is 10 euro, insurance 30 euro, diesel 1 euro/L.

50 km after we passed the border we head out into the desert. From here on it's one huge 2000 km long off-road paradise (with some road connections) till we're back at the Moroccan border.

There we head north via a different route and take again time to visit places of interest.

On day 21 we're back at the ferry to Algeciras.

NOTE: Car & driver must be in good shape, GPS on board, fuel range of +600 km, camp & cooking gear, 2nd spare tire, air-compressor, sand-plates, shovel, tow straps.

No own 4x4? 

Then fly to Malaga where we pick you up from the airport. You'll get a comfortable seat in one of our 4x4's all equipped with air-conditioning, smooth suspension, a 12 volt fridge with cool drinks, camping gear for you (private tent, self inflating mattress, sleeping bag, pillow) and all days dinner breakfast lunch & drinks.

Also your ferry ticket and visa costs will be arranged and paid for by our guide and after the journey we bring you back to Malaga airport.

General information:

All our tours are ideal for those who like to be “out there” with nothing but pure nature around them.

There are plenty of photo stops and around noon we have lunch in one of the local restaurants or we enjoy a picnic lunch in the shade of a palm tree. We visit canyons, sand dunes, oasis, fossil sites, rock-paintings and Berber villages where time seems to have stood still.

The whole tour is safely escorted by your English speaking Dutch guide with over 40 years Morocco experience. You won’t miss anything of the beauty that nature has to offer.

You prefer a longer trip?

Contact Peter explain what you want and they will compose a tailor-made tour for you.

Mauritania, 60 days explore trip, winter  2019/2020.
4x4 and/or motorcycle.
Join us on this epic adventure.
Start in Algeciras.
Border crossing assistance.
Vehicle assistance. 
Guiding all the way. 
Daily briefing. 
Visit the most remote places.
Camp in nature. 
2 weeks Morocco.
4 weeks Mauritania.
2 weeks Morocco.
8000 km total.
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