12 Day Tour

12 Day Tour

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7 Day Tour

Similar description as 7 Day Tour but longer.

12 days Wild Camp

Starts in Algeciras and guides you 12 days through Morocco and back. You drive in your own 4x4, we guide you all the way, arrange all paperwork for you at the border, 3000 km mixed terrain, doable for any 4x4, 5 cars needed to make it work, we camp in nature, prepare own food. Totally awesome adventure trip (see photos) which will be adjusted to the 4x4 wishes and capabilities of the group.

12 days Hotels

Same 12-day trip as Wild Camp, in your own 4x4 but this time with every evening hotel dinner breakfast and lunch included.

Info about the requirements of payment.
On the moment you decide to book a tour with us we kindly ask you to transfer a 1/3 non-refundable deposit to our bank account. The remainder please 4 weeks before the trip starts.
You prefer a longer trip or something different?
Contact Peter explain what you want and he will compose a tailor-made tour for you.

All our tours are ideal for those who like to be “out there” with nothing but pure nature around them. We also offer the option to drive along in one of our air conditioned 4x4's.

There are plenty of photo stops and around noon we have lunch in one of the local restaurants or we enjoy a picnic lunch in the shade of a palm tree. We visit canyons, oasis, fossil sites, 6000 years old rock-paintings and Berber villages where time seems to have stood still.
The whole tour is safely escorted by your English speaking Dutch/Moroccan guides with over 40 years Morocco experience. You won’t miss anything of the beauty that nature has to offer.

Our 4x4’s are equipped with: Air-conditioning, smooth suspension, snorkel air-filter, winch, tools, tire compressor, sand plates, shovel, hi-jack and 12 volt fridge.

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