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About Us

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About Us

Let’s introduce ourselves: Peter Buitelaar & Zineb Moulouda.

Zineb is Moroccan and therefore she knows all the ins & outs about her country. She speaks 4 languages and arranges things with local businesses.

Peter is Dutch and has travelled Morocco for over 40 years. This experience shaped him into a local expert on all terrain. He speaks 4 languages and fixes problems before they occur.

Together they run 4WD tours through the Atlas Mountains and Sahara Desert.

4x4tours.net is based in Ouarzazate, a town in central Morocco, 200 km south-east of Marrakech.

Throughout many years they built up their trustworthy network in Morocco. A network that does not only include off-road driving but also a wide scale of other facilities such as hotels, garages, fuel stations, mechanics, medics, tow companies, police customs & embassy contacts.

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