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Peter Buitelaar

4x4 Tours Morocco

4x4tours.net is a Morocco 4x4 Tours provider based in Ouarzazate, a town in central Morocco, 200 km south-east of Marrakech. The business is run by Peter Buitelaar and his wife Zineb Moulouda.

Peter is Dutch and has travelled Morocco for over 40 years by car, truck, 4x4, and motorcycle. This experience has shaped him into a local expert on all terrain. He speaks 4 languages and fixes problems before they occur.

Zineb is Moroccan and therefore she knows all the ins and outs of her country. She speaks 4 languages and arranges things with local businesses.

Over many years they have built up a trustworthy network in Morocco.
A network that does not only include off-road driving but also a wide scale of other facilities such as hotels, garages, fuel stations, mechanics, medics, tow companies, police, customs, and embassy contacts.

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7 Day Morocco 4x4 Tour

7 DAY 4x4 TOUR

Our shortest tour takes 7 days and starts/ends in our home town Ouarzazate.
Fly to Ouarzazate where we welcome you at the airport and bring you to the hotel.
12 Day Morocco 4x4 Tour

12 DAY 4x4 TOUR

Starts in Algeciras and guides you 12 days through Morocco and back. You drive in your own 4x4, we guide you all the way, arrange all paperwork at the border.
21 Day Morocco 4x4 Tour

21 DAY 4x4 TOUR

The Mauritania Connection, our longest and most adventurous tour. Algeciras to Mauritania and back in 21 days, own 4x4, camp in nature, own food/drinks.

4x4 Morocco Adventures

Let us take you on the trip of a lifetime!
Some tours consist of solely bush-camps in the middle of nowhere; other tours have the comfort of arriving at hotels every evening where dinner is served round 20:00h. You could also do a mix of both, all according to your preference.

Peace of Mind 40 years experience.
Customer Support Network of Professionals.
Professional Service Multilingual European Guide.
Personalised Tours Configure Tours to your choice.

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